Copy DVD to CD

DVD Copy software : Perfect 1:1 DVD Copy
Copy DVD to CD : Copy your DVD movie with CD-R/RW.

  • What is DUP-DVD?
    DUP-DVD is an easy to use software to copy DVD to CD-R/RW discs.. You can use it to backup DVD movies

  • How much is DUP-DVD?
    It's only $39.95 after instant rebate! Click here to order.

  • How to order?
    Click here to order DUP-DVD online.
    You can pay by credit card, check or money order.
    If you like to pay by PalPal, please send $39.95 to [email protected]. After you submit the order form, you will get the registration code by email within 24 hours.

  • If I buy more than 1 copy, can I get a discount?
    Yes. The following is the unit price for different amount of copies per order.
    5-10 copies: $34.95
    11-50 copies: $29.95
    > 50 copies: $24.95
    For further questions, please contact [email protected]

  • How to register?
    1. If the version of DUP-DVD you orderd is V2.1.2 or older, please follow the procedures below:
    I. In the payment confirmation email, you will find an URL from where you can download the key file for your own DUP-DVD. Click the URL and download your key file.
    II. After you get the key file, start DUP-DVD, click "Register" to bring up the registration dialog, enter the path of the key file on your harddisk, click "register"!

    2. If the version of DUP-DVD you ordered is V2.2.0 and later, The registration procedure is much simple.
    I. After you make the payment, you will get the confirmation email within 5 minutes. The email contains the DUP-DVD's REGISTRATION CODE and PASSWORD. Please save the email or write them down and keep it in a safe place.
    II. Launch DUP-DVD, after the WELCOME screen disappears, there will be a dialog window for registration. Enter your REGISTRATION CODE and PASSWORD. If your computer is connected with INTERNET by PROXY, please check the PROXY box, then click Register. Wait for a message showing that you have registered successfully. Enjoy!

    On the registration dialog window,
    * If you click CANCLE, the DEMO version of DUP-DVD will start. The demo verion only allows you to copy the first 1/4 of the movies.
    * If you click BUY, your IE will be launched automatically, you will be led to the WEB PAGE to order your DUP-DVD.
    * The UPGRADE button is for the user who purchased DUP-DVD 2.1.2 and older version. If the user wants to upgrade to version 2.2.0, click UPGRADE, then follow the steps on the web browser.
    * ForUPGRADE, our system will check the date of your order, if your order is within the last 6 months, you will get the new v2.2.0 REGISTRATION CODE and PASSWORD for free.
    If your purchase date is older than 6 months, you'll be asked for $9.95

  • Do I need to pay for upgrade?
    The upgrade is FREE for users who purchased DUP-DVD within the last six months, and only $9.95 for users who purchased DUP-DVD more than 6 months ago.

  • What should I do if I get a bluescreen fatal error while starting DUP-DVD?
    The reason may be that your ASPI is not up to date. Please upgrade your ASPI.

  • Why I get "ASPI error ..." message?
    DUP-DVD needs ASPI to support CD burning, if you get "ASPI error ..." message, please restart your Windows and try again. If still failed, please update your ASPI driver to a newer version. You can download ASPI32.EXE , FORCEASPI17.ZIP and ASPICHK.EXE here!
    Note: so far, DUP-DVD only works with ASPI drivers V4.60. Other versions may not compatible with DUP-DVD.

    If DUP-DVD still doesn't work well and you are running windows XP, there are two solutions:
    1: Right click on the Executable file and select Properties, then click the compatability tab and run this program in 'compatability mode for Windows 2000'
    2: On desktop, click start, run and type wowpost.exe and press enter as wowpost tickles aspi into startup state and Dup-dvd will then find your drives.

  • Why I keep getting "No hard disk space ..." message?
    It shows that there is not enough space on your current Partition where the TEMP directory is located.
    Please modify MISC in OPTION to change your TEMP directory to the partition with enough space.

  • What if DUP-DVD shows wrong drive letters?
    If DUP-DVD shows wrong drive letter of your CD/DVD ROM, please change the drive letter of CD/DVD ROM in your system to the one that DUP-DVD shows. The drive lettter can be changed by the following system tools.
    Under Windows 9x, ControlPanel->System->CROM.
    Under Windows NT/2000/XP, Administrative Tools->Computer Management-> Storage->Disk Management.
    In addition, please disable all other special softwares before start DUP-DVD, e.g.Virtual CD drive,Cygwin,RAM disk etc.

  • What if the VCD can't be played?
    First, please check if there is a file named mpegav\avseq01.dat or mpeg2\avseq01.MPEG on the VCD/SVCD. If yes, you can play the VCD/SVCD with player software (such as PowerDVD, WinDVD) on PC or play it on a CD-R, CD-RW COMPATIBLE standalone DVD player. The VCD can't be played on some old DVD players which don't support CD-R/RW.

  • Why all options are grey-out?
    You need to select a DVD source (DVD ROM or Image file) first, then the options will be enabled. Also please check the drive letters.

  • Why I get "MSVCP60.DLL,MFC42.DLL error..." message?
    It may be because you are running an old version of Windows. Please install the most updated service packs for windows and upgrade your IE to V5.5 or later.
    Or upgrade your msvcp60.dll and mfc42.dll. Download and here or go to to get more information.

  • How to backup a DVD to VCD?
    Just put the DVD disc into DVD drive, a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc into CD writer. Click "option" to set target to "VCD", click "Copy". Wait for a few hours* you will get the VCDs, very easy to use!

  • How to backup a DVD to SVCD?
    Just put the DVD disc into DVD drive, a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc into CD writer. Click "option" to set target to "SVCD", click "Copy". Wait for a few hours* you will get the VCDs, very easy to use!

  • How to backup a DVD to image/MPEG files?
    Put the DVD disc into DVD drive, select "Image" as the target. A popup window will ask you to enter the target image file path (if you want MPEG files, make sure set the whole file path included MPEG extension), click "Copy". Wait for a few hours* you will get the image/MPEG files,You can save the image/MPEG file for further use, or burn the files to CD-R or CD-RW.
    * It depends on your PC hardware i.e. CPU, memory.

  • How to burn an image file to a CD-R or CD-RW?
    Select "Image" as the source, set the source image file path, put a blank CD-R or CD-RW into CD writer, click "Copy".

  • How to burn a MPEG file to a CD-R or CD-RW?
    Select "Image" as the source, set the source mpeg file path, click "option" to set target type (VCD or SVCD), put a blank
    CD-R or CD-RW into CD writer, click "Copy".

  • What should I do if burning failed or failed to burn the 2nd disc?
    Please close/disable other CD software running in the background (e.g. Easy CD creator, virtual CD drive), then try to burn at a lower speed again.
    If it still fails, it may be because DUP-DVD doesn't support your CD writer. In this case, you can use DUP-DVD to convert DVD to MPEG files and then burn the MPEG files to VCD/SVCD with 3rd party burning software, such as NERO, etc..

  • Can I burn a VCD/SVCD from hard disk VOB files?
    Yes! Select "Image" as the source, select the "ifo" file of the VOB files for the source image, click "option" to set target type (VCD or SVCD), put a blank CD-R or CD-RW into CD writer, click "Copy".

  • What do "Letter Box","Pan Scan" and "Full Screen" mean?
    They are different aspect ratio modes. Here're screen sample images for LetterBox, Pan Scan, Full screen.

  • May I select a subtitle?
    Sure! Click "option", select a subtitle from the subtitle dropdown menu before click "Copy".

  • May I select a sound track?
    Yes! Click "option", make your selection from the sound dropdown menu before click "Copy".

  • What is the limitation of the trial version DUP-DVD?
    Trail version only can copy the first 1/4 of a DVD movie to SVCD/VCD. That means you can only burn 1 disc with a trial version.
    Other functions(CD copying, MPEG/Image file burning) are same as registered version.

  • Why I get "Can't open DVD ..." message?
    Sometimes you may get a message like "Can not open DVD! Please use a DVD player (e.g. PowerDVD, WinDVD) to play the DVD for 1 minute and try again!". This means your DVD drive is locked, to unlock it, you can use the DVD player software (PowerDVD/WinDVD etc.) to play the DVD for a minute, then exit the player, start DUP-DVD to backup the the movie to VCD/SVCD.

  • What should I do if DUP-DVD doesn't support my CD writer?
    Send the file named "cdrw.txt" under DUP-DVD home directory (e.g. c:\program files\dup-dvd) to [email protected] We will try to support your CD writer in the next release.

  • How to upgrade?
    1. Uninstall the previous version of DUP-DVD and make sure the installation directory of DUP-DVD has been deleted.
    If some files under the installation direcotry can not be deleted, please restart the computer then try to delete again.
    2. Install the latest version of DUP-DVD.

  • What if I don't want to pay by credit card?
    That's OK. We accept not only credit card, but also check, money order, paypal, and even wire transfer. please follow the link at Order Page, you can select your prefered payment method.

  • Can DUP-DVD copy a DVD to DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW)?
    DUP-DVD is designed for the user who doesn't want to spend extra money on expensive DVD burner and discs, it can rip DVD to VCD, SVCD, MPEG, AVI, BIN, but it doesn't support DVD to DVD copy. If your want to copy DVD movie to DVD-R, there is a pretty good DVD copy software on the market.

  • What is the difference between VCD and SVCD?
    VCD is Video CD, SVCD is Super VCD. They are different Video CD standard. The main difference between them is the picture quality. The quality of SVCD is much better than VCD's. Most DVD players support both of them.

  • Does DUP-DVD work on Macintosh??
    Sorry, no.

  • Could I order the CD-ROM version DUP-DVD?
    Certainly, you can. Please click here to bring up the order page. Then please select "CD-ROM at Delivery" and pay for the extra shipping & handling fee. However, there is no difference between the CD-ROM version and the download version.

  • Why does DUP-DVD disappear and nothing happens after loading DUP-DVD?
    When you try to restart DUP-DVD after closing it, this problem may happen sometimes.
    There are two solutions:
    1.Restart computer, then reload DUP-DVD.
    2.Go to WINDOWS TASK management, close mkdat.exe under PROCESS TAB, then restart DUP-DVD.

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